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Mighty Marvel Geeks Issue 66 – Age Of Ultron, Infinity War, Civil War, And The Daredevil Debut
Mighty Marvel Geeks NCBD picks for April 15, 2015 are: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #2, Princess Leia #3, Deathlok #7, Thor #7, Ms Marvel #14, Magneto #17 and Avengers #44 (honorable mention). Follow Us: Twitter: @MarvelGeeks  @UncleServo Facebook: Mighty Marvel Geeks Subscribe today on iTunes and Stitcher and leave a 5 star review. Leave a voice mail for your outlet of all things Marvel at 321-219-8227[...]
Marvel Wants You To Be Big Thunder Mountain Railroaded
Marvel had quite the hit (eventually) with Figment, the comic book based on a character from Disney's theme park empire, going through a number of printings and performing well in the book market. They have a followup coming in a month's time, by Dennis Hopeless and Tigh Walker is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad based on this: [youtube][/youtube] Well, it[...]
Marvel Promotes Big Thunder Mountain Railroad With Comic Store Postcards
Comic stores will be receiving a hundred postcards promoting the release of the Disney theme park-adapted Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as a new comic book. While while the previous Seekers Of The Weird didn't exactly set the world alight, Figment did a lot better, well reviewed and a collectible hit The postcards promoted their collections as[...]