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This isn't really a negative, with so many prolific writers popping up in places like io9, Bleeding Cool, and The Nerdist, there's plenty of room in the waters of the internet for everyone with a column. One of the annual panels at both WonderCon and SDCC focuses on this very subject, Everyone's A Critic: Being a[...]
Bill Watters Joins The Bleeding Cool Team As The Old White Guy
My name is Bill Watters, and I've actually been contributing to BC over the last few years, but it was just a few weeks ago that Mark reached out and invited me to pick a red pill or a blue pill I did the most logical thing and took them both at once, much to Mark's[...]
AMC Shifts Gears From Zombies To The American Revolution In Turn
By Bill Watters With the end of the year's episodes of Walking Dead, AMC's is bringing us Turn (Sundays at 9pm/8pm central), a new spy drama set during the early years of the Revolutionary War Having an affinity for historically based shows I'm always thrilled when one comes along Unfortunately (or not, depending on your preferences),[...]