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Stargirl Gets Her Own DC Comics Bishoujo Statue from Kotobukiya
Stargirl is joining Kotobukiya as their newest DC Comics Bishoujo statue As the DC Comics heroine continues to make her star-spangled adventures on the CW, she will now get her own beautiful statue debut Stargirl will be joining the Bishoujo statue line getting her own unique design by the designer and illustrator Shunya Yamashita She[...]
GI Joe Baroness Gets Another Kotobukiya Statue for 25th Anniversary 
This is a beautiful piece that any GI Joe fan should add to their Cobra army. The Baroness Blue 25th Anniversary Bishoujo Statue from Kotobukiya is priced at $114.99 She is set to help Cobra reign supreme once again in May 2020 and you can lock down your pre-order here.  Cobra! Credit: Kotobukiya G.I JOE BARONESS 25th ANNIVERSARY BLUE[...]
Gi Joe Scarlett Shows Her Skills With Sex Appeal With Kotobukiya
The sculpt on this piece is quite amazing and the Bishoujo style is lovely on these characters Her skin tight outfit shoes plenty and the color of it are bright and beautiful I have always been a fan of the Bishoujo Kotobukiya line and these GI Joe statues are perfect for older and newer fans[...]
G.I. Joe Gets Sexy Once Again with Baroness Kotobukiya Statue 
JOE BARONESS THE CRIMSON STRIKE TEAM BISHOUJO STATUE The world's first series of action figures created by Hasbro, G.I Joe follows a group of heroes in their fight against Cobra, an evil organization plotting to take over the world In this new line of 1/7 scale statues, the colorful characters of G.I JOE are reborn as[...]
Beetlejuice Swaps Genders and Seduces with New Kotobukiya Statue
This time Kotobukiya has unveiled a new Beetlejuice gender-swapped Bishoujo statue This isn't a new idea as we have seen other famous horror icons like Jason and Freddy Kruger getting "sexy" upgrades This time we have Beetle sitting upon a gravestone filing her nail with a grin on her face This gender swapped idea pretty[...]
G.I. Joe Gets Sexy with New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
Joe Bishoujo statue line Lady Jaye makes her appearance and is ready to take on Cobra all by herself The paint and the styling are supposedly based on the original colors from the old school G.I Joe's It does mention that the packaging is based on the old GI Joe packaging as well and I[...]
SDCC: 85+ Photos From the Kotobukiya Booth
As far as DC goes, the Ikemen statues are still insanely popular, as are the bishoujo line, where DC have fluished for years now Recently, they added GI Joe to that line, and it was a huge hit Now that Baroness is available, look for another sell out This is also where you will find[...]
Kotobukiya Brings a Raven Bishoujo Exclusive to SDCC
Kotobukiya is bringing a bishoujo Raven statue to SDCC The statue is a repaint of their original release, this time in a white version of her costume The Teen Titan favorite will cost you $84.99 It can already be preordered as well I am curious to see if this is the only exclusive they bring[...]
G.I. Joe Scarlett Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya is bringing the Joes to their bishoujo line, starting with Scarlett She comes armed with her crossbow, posed on a rocky base with an explosion blast by her feet It will stand at about 9 inches tall, and will run you around $100 This was also on display at New York Toy Fair, where[...]
Check Out 65 Pics From the Kotobukiya Booth at SDCC
Kotobukiya has its traditional booth location on the show floor by Diamond this year, and in their cases were new statues from DC Comics, Marvel, horror, anime, video games, and more! Their Ikemen DC line continues with a new Damien Wayne statue, plenty of new Avengers and X-Men 92 statues are coming, the horror Bishoujo[...]
Kotobukiya Bishoujo captain marvel
Captain Marvel is coming to the Kotobukiya Bishoujo line of statues Shipping in July of 2018, she will retail for $79.99. Kamala Khan's idol, "Captain Marvel" joins the lineup!Based on an illustration by Shunya Yamashita, this statue depicts the former Miss Marvel Carol Danvers after she makes her debut as Captain Marvel With a live action[...]
Kamala Khan Finally Gets A Statue
As part of their popular Bishoujo line, Kamala Khan was revealed this weekend at New York Toy Fair, so look for her in stores this fall. Kamala Khan (from the eponymous Ms Marvel title) is one of the more important comic characters introduced in the last decade, and she certainly has a large and very vocal[...]