G.I. Joe Gets Sexy Once Again with Baroness Kotobukiya Statue 

It looks like we might be finally ready for the GI Joe relaunch. With Hasbro G.I. Joe's Classified figures coming out soon we might get some updated 80's action. While this time we aren't looking at the classified figures we are taking a look at a new statue from Kotobukiya. This statue features one of the GI Joe's enemies who is back for some delicious revenge, the Crimson Strike Team Baroness. This version of the Baroness is based on an exclusive version of her from Hasbro back in 2002. The thing that really pops here is the use of the red paint on her outfit, as it just brings great dynamics to her. This is a piece that will defiantly draw your eyes to it too. The sculpt on her is remarkable and the Baroness will make any Joe wish they never came across her path.

The G.I. Joe Baroness Crimson Strike Team Statue does not have a price or a release date just yet. Pre-orders are also not live but you can find her located here when they do go live.

Bow before Cobra!

G.I. Joe Gets Sexy Once Again with Baroness Kotobukiya Statue 
Credit: Kotobukiya


The world's first series of action figures created by Hasbro, G.I. Joe follows a group of heroes in their fight against Cobra, an evil organization plotting to take over the world. In this new line of 1/7 scale statues, the colorful characters of G.I. JOE are reborn as Kotobukiya's BISHOUJO!

Scarlett and Baroness both garnered large attention from the public. Now, the popular cobra agent, Baroness, is back in an all-new Crimson Strike Team uniform version. Like the other statues in the BISHOUJO line, Baroness has been sculpted based on original concept art by Shunya Yamashita.

This limited edition statue is based on an exclusive version of Baroness that was originally released by Hasbro in 2002. This version of Baroness stays true to its name, "Crimson Strike Team", by the uniform being painted in a dark red coloration. The chest armor and boots have been painted a silver-green, creating a bright and stark contrast between the colors in Baroness' outfit.

BARONESS THE CRIMSON STRIKE TEAM BISHOUJO STATUE comes with an all-new machine gun, and the additional sunglasses included with this statue gives off an ominous aura being decorated with yellow lenses. This limited edition statue is not just a standard color variant; Baroness has been revamped in a new, fresh look!

Created through the power of technology, this high quality digitally sculpted limited edition statue leaves no detail untouched thanks to the expert hand of sculptor Takaboku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX).

The G.I. JOE BISHOUJO series will continue to grow with an extensive lineup of characters, so stay tuned for more updates! Cobraaa!

G.I. JOE and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2020 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro. 

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