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John Wick Hex Is Headed To The PS4 In May 2020

"John Wick Hex" Is Headed To The PS4 In May 2020

Developed by Bithell Games (Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular) has and Ant Workshop, this game basically throws you into the world of John Wick from the film series and forces you to make split-second decisions in what is a really cool tactical RPG We originally got to try this out back at E3 2019 and[...]

John Wick Hex Shoots Onto The Scene This October

"John Wick Hex" Shoots Onto The Scene This October

The cast is rounded out by Ian McShane and Lance Reddick, who respectively portray Winston and Charon in the films, they're expected to reprise their roles for the game.  Developer Bithell Games has been mum on if Keanu Reeves will be voicing the titular assassin. John Wick Hex is also expected to launch on consoles sometime[...]

John Wick Hex Receives A Gun Fu Featurette Video

"John Wick Hex" Receives A Gun Fu Featurette Video

The video goes over how developer Bithell Games worked with the stunt team behind the John Wick films to get the action right in the game to match that of what you see in the films It's a pretty cool video, which you can read more about below before you watch it Enjoy![caption id="attachment_1047293" align="aligncenter" width="600"][...]

We Explore The World Of John Wick Hex During E3 2019

We Explore The World Of "John Wick Hex" During E3 2019

Bithell Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment brought with them a fun surprise to E3 2019 as we got to mess around with John Wick Hex If you're not familiar with this game, this is a tactical strategy game based int he John Wick universe in which you control Mr Wick himself and have to make[...]