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Wesley Snipes Responds to Blade: Trinity Allegations
Wesley Snipes is speaking out about set behavior allegations during Blade: Trinity, and it looks like the actor is adamant that Patton Oswalt's claims are false. The Blade franchise has given us incredible films, comics, and content, but with every popular property comes conflict Actor and comedian Oswalt previously claimed that Snipes (who played the titular[...]
Rob Liefeld Wants Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Again]
Could be massive, just sayin. — robliefeld (@robertliefeld) December 26, 2018 He does REMEMBER that movie, right? How bad it was? Why can't we revisit the proto-Deadpool role of Reynolds' that really made us believe he could be the Merc with a Mouth, Blade: Trinity and Hannibal King Seriously, if you haven't watched the Blade trilogy in the[...]