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"Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York" Gets A New Trailer
Check out the complete list below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! Credit: Draw Distance March 24th Bleeding Edge (PC, XB1) Colorgrid (Switch) Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition (Switch) Dissection (PS4) Dogurai (PS4) Duck Souls+ (PS4) Element Space (PS4) Freedom Finger (PS4) Hyperspace Delivery Service (Switch) Moons Of Madness (PS4, XB1) Odallus: The Dark Call (PS4) Oniken (PS4) Paper Beast (PS4) Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure (PS4) Vampire:[...]
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Today, Ninja Theory announced that the last open beta for Bleeding Edge was launching today, but it was happening on Xbox Game Pass Along with the news the company released a brief FAQ, which we have for you below, giving you the details you need for the beta For most regions, the beta will end[...]
Ninja Theory Debuts "Bleeding Edge" at E3 2019 Xbox Briefing
One of the first games to be shown off during the Xbox Briefing at E3 2019 today was Ninja Theory's latest game, Bleeding Edge The game is going to be an online 4v4 team fighter with melee action combat, complete with an insane list of characters who will have their own personalities, weapons, skills, and[...]