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Sony Reveals Demon's Souls During The PS5 Showcase
A bit of a surprise out of the blue as Sony along with Bluepoint Games revealed Demon's Souls during the PS5 Showcase The game is a straight-up remake of the 2009 PS3 game, but instead of working with FromSoftware or any of the other companies that took part in the first game, they decided to[...]
A Bloodborne PS5 remaster could be on its way out.
Bloodborne is supposedly going to see a revival on the upcoming system at some point soon, though we aren't sure exactly when that will be just yet. A Bloodborne PS5 remaster could be on its way out, courtesy of FromSoftware. Rumor has it, namely YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition, that Bluepoint Games and QLOC are working on[...]
Bluepoint Games Is Teasing A "Big" Remake That Fans Think May Be "Demon's Souls"
Bluepoint Games could have something big up its sleeve for the PlayStation 5. Bluepoint remakes games like Shadow of the Colossus, Gravity Rush Remastered, and Dark Souls: Remastered In an interview with WIRED, Bluepoint president Marco Thrush mentioned that, as far as titles in development for PS5 go, the team is "working on a big one"[...]