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Fanboy Rampage: Taylor Swift, Damon Albarn And... Jedward?
Laurisch CC BY-SA 4.0, Taylor Swift screencap from Cosmopolitan UK CC BY 3.0, Jedward photo by Robyn Gallagher CC BY 3.0, The LA Times, in an interview with Damon Albarn to promote his new album Iceland (named after the country or the UK frozen food supermarket chain, I am not yet sure, though he has just[...]
Listen To Blur's Graham Coxon New Graphic Novel, Superstate
Last year, Bleeding Cool announced a new graphic novel by Blur's Graham Coxon, Superstate, based on his new album of the same name Both are released, separately to together on the 27th August 2021, in association with Z2 Comics And you get to listen to one of the comics, or read one of the tracks,[...]
Heroes Reborn #3 Review: Strangled By Its Limitations
Had he applied his skills to an issue of The Flash or even a book focused on Quicksilver, it might have been something. Here, however, everything in the plot — from a throwaway aside from "The Silver Witch" (Wanda Maximoff, using both her power and her brother's) to Blur's own method for overcoming his own stumbles[...]