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Toy Story Gets 6 Foot Tall Statues with Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom is giving some of your favorite Toy Story characters a HUGE makeover.  They are making Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Bo Peep life size with some new statues We are not talking life size as in their toy counterparts either but as human size replicas of these characters Woody will stand roughly 5.9 feet[...]
Check Out the Trailer for a New 'Toy Story' Short Coming to Disney+
Titled Lamp Life, it will explore what happened to Bo Peep from the time after she was given away by Andy's mom to when we meet back up with her on the playground in Toy Story 4 Spanning all kinds of seasons and changing hands, it looks like it was quite the adventure Check out[...]
Bo Peep is BACK in 'Toy Story 4' Teaser
It looks like Bo Peep is indeed returning for the upcoming Disney film Toy Story 4 and she's sporting a new look. Anyone else think the Annie Potts-voiced porcelain doll is looking a little Jedi there? There was also a teaser released by the official Disney Pixar Twitter account, proclaiming that Peep will indeed return for the film: says about Bo[...]
Funko Toy Story KH3 Collage
The Wheezy and Slinky Dog look perfect, Woody on RC is amazing, and both Bo Peep and Buzz as Miss Nesbitt could not be better There will also be two versions of Bullseye The flocked version will be a Funko Shop exclusive, good luck getting your hands on that one All of these will be[...]