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Bob Burden, creator of The Flaming Carrot and The Mystery Men has been in hospital these past few weeks with COVID-19, and that's now been confirmed Thankfully he has come through the other side On Facebook, Bob Burden posted; Picture of me here, early March, shortly before the hospital: healthy, happy and with friends Seems like[...]
Bob Burden Flaming Carrot Interview
We spoke with creator Bob Burden via email interview about the book, learning how he selected which issues appeared in the omnibus, what he's up to next, and just what the Flaming Carrot keeps in his utility belt today. When I hear "omnibus," I usually expect a bunch of issues in nonstop sequential order, but the[...]
Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot Gets an Omnibus at Dark Horse in September
In September, Dark Horse will publish the 400+ page Flaming Carrot Comics Omnibus by Bob Burden, they announced Thursday in a press release which accused Deadpool, Twin Peaks, and Lady Gaga of swiping from the Flaming Carrot: Hey kids! Check out a comic book series that in recent years, many comic book readers believed to have[...]
Bob Burden Goes To The Origins Of Flaming Carrot And Announces Hit Man For The Dead
Bob Burden is best known for Flaming Carrot, Gumby and The Mystery Men, the latter inspiring the movie starring Ben Stiller and William H Macy. But now he's going back to the very beginning. Thrilling Visions 2 Sketchbook shows the Flaming Carrot's early years in sketch form as well as early art and experimental drawings I really[...]
Final Hour Of Flaming Carrot Brings Eastman And Sim To The Rescue
Bob Burden's Kickstarter campaign is ending in about an hour, for a signed and numbered hardcover of Flaming Carrot #4 – #11, The Wild Shall Wild Remain, out of print for many years, as well as including a brand new story, Cryptid. Dave Sim and Kevin Eastman are creating adding their characters for a limited print,[...]
The Gumby Specials That Dare Not Say Art Adams' Name
And last week saw the publication for the bizarrely named Gumby's Spring Special, collecting his Winter and Summer Specials, written by the Flaming Carrot's Bob Burden, now published by Gumby Comics/Wildcard Ink. But there's a glitch. There are stickers on the front and back of the book Removing the Spring Specials sticker reveals that the books were[...]
Bob Burden To Launch Marble Comics At San Diego Comic Con
Bob Burden is best known for his Flaming Carrot and Mysterymen work And now his new comic line Marble Comics (previewing at San Diego con) might present some more conflict to the Mystery Men controversy. Bleeding Cool: So… Marble Comics? Bob Burden: Well, it came to me in a dream I bought this great[...]
Talking To Bob Burden About Mysterymen, Mystery Men, Trademarks And Comics
Today, Marvel Comics publish Mystery Men #1, the first issue of a five part series,  The indicia of the comic however says that all characters featured are trademarks of Marvel Characters. The title, while the name of a forties DC comic book, is better known these days as the Mysterymen comic written and drawn by[...]
Dark Horse Reminds Marvel Just Who Publishes Mysterymen
In a blogpost last night, Dark Horse made it very clear that they are the publisher's of Bob Burden's Mysterymen, in the light of Marvel's intention to publish a comic book Mystery Men, and that the series will return in print in the new Dark Horse Presents. Of course, there's nothing expressed in the post to[...]