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Bob Harras, DC Comics Editor-In-Chief, Quits Early, Heads Home
Bob Harras was Editor-In-Chief during Marvel Comics' period of greatest financial growth, known as the nineties, before he was fired when things turned south He jumped to DC Comics, where he was also made Editor-In-Chief, working with his old Marvel compatriot Jim Lee, and saw DC Comics relaunch its most successful sales spurt ion the[...]
Bob Harras, DC Comics Editor-In-Chief, Quits Early, Heads Home
The news that DC Comics was making swinging cuts amongst the most senior employees at the publisher, including Editor-In-Chief, Bob Harras We also broke the news that Marie Javins and Michele Wells were, together, taking his position at the company But we also reported that employees were being given ninety days notice, rather than the[...]
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Bob Harras was EIC for the X-Men books, Bob Budiansky was EIC for the Spider-Man books, Mark Gruenwald was EIC for the rest of the Avengers-related Marvel Heroes line, Carl Potts was EIC for the Licensed Books, Epic Comics and Alternaverse books, and Bobbie Chase was EIC for the older Marvel Edge line. Marvel logo In effect,[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
Marvel calls him their secret weapon when it comes to making a lot of money. Bob Harras (Up) Editor-In-Chief of the DC publishing line This is more of a managerial role than at rival publishers, but Harras has a strong reputation for keeping the comic books coming out on time and enforcing stringent penalties for those[...]
DC Shakeup: Mark Doyle Takes Control Of Vertigo And Young Animal
As part of an editorial restructuring announced by DC Comics today that has divided DC into three separate kingdoms, each with an Executive Editor reporting to Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, Mark Doyle has been promoted and installed as the new ruler of both Vertigo and Young Animal Doyle has ruled over the Batman family books since 2014, but[...]
When Bob Harras Ruled The Roost – MTV Visited Marvel In 1992 can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: MTV At Marvel Comics from 2/10/1992 ( Check out the very relaxed and chilled Bob Harras And a happy sighting of Mark Gruenwald… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: MTV At Marvel Comics from 2/10/1992 ( Check out the very relaxed and chilled Bob Harras[...]
Last Night's Gossip About The DC Comics Move (UPDATE)
There will be no compulsory redundancies. While all eyes are on the New York DC Comics office and who exactly will move with the publisher and who will quit, the names of Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase and Joey Cavalieri are being mentioned as those who won't be moving And while a family man like Batman Group[...]
So… Who To Write Superboy? The Speculation Starts Here.
A reader writes; "I saw DC Comics editorial execs Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase and Eddie Berganza at the Hyatt hotel yesterday eating/drinking with Tony Lee I know Tony scripted that issue of Superboy #19 a few months ago, but then nothing. "Then I read your story about Justin Jordan leaving Superboy Would it be putting two and[...]
When Dan DiDio Was Going To Put Mark Waid In Charge Of DC Comics
Which was and is his prerogative as EIC, but man, there's little more demoralizing than taking the ball down to the one-yard line and then being benched by the guy who kept referring to COUNTDOWN as '52 done right.' Bob Harras as the current Editor-In-Chief is probably keeping that situation the way it is[...]
C2E2: DC New 52 Panel – "Wonder Woman Has Gone To Hell Already"
Cody Walker writes for Bleeding Cool from C2E2. Panel list – Bob Harras, new editorial director of the New DC Group, Bobbie Chase, Brian Azzarello, Chris Burnham, Cliff Chiang, Tony Daniel, Kyle Higgins, Jimmy Palmiotti, Scott Snyder, and Geoff Johns Still no Gail Simone. We start with the second wave of the DC New 52. Batman Inc[...]
Two DC Editors. Five Interviews. Nothing Said.
Eddie Berganza and Bob Harras both did interviews together for iFanboy, Newsarama, Comic Vine, CBR and The Beat, all released within minutes of each other And both managed to say very little indeed. That it's not a complete reboot of continuity Which we knew. That past continuity will still count Which we knew. That they've been planning it[...]
Bob Harras Named EIC of DC Comics (UPDATE)
But choosing Bob Harras as the new editor-in-chief is interesting for two big reasons First, as X-Men editor, it was on his watch that Jim Lee became the superstar (and now Co-Publisher of DC Comics) he is today And secondly, choosing Marvel's pre-Quesada editor-in-chief smacks of taunting Marvel in much the[...]