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Bob Harras was EIC for the X-Men books, Bob Budiansky was EIC for the Spider-Man books, Mark Gruenwald was EIC for the rest of the Avengers-related Marvel Heroes line, Carl Potts was EIC for the Licensed Books, Epic Comics and Alternaverse books, and Bobbie Chase was EIC for the older Marvel Edge line. Marvel logo In effect,[...]
Last Night's Gossip About The DC Comics Move (UPDATE)
There will be no compulsory redundancies. While all eyes are on the New York DC Comics office and who exactly will move with the publisher and who will quit, the names of Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase and Joey Cavalieri are being mentioned as those who won't be moving And while a family man like Batman Group[...]
So… Who To Write Superboy? The Speculation Starts Here.
A reader writes; "I saw DC Comics editorial execs Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase and Eddie Berganza at the Hyatt hotel yesterday eating/drinking with Tony Lee I know Tony scripted that issue of Superboy #19 a few months ago, but then nothing. "Then I read your story about Justin Jordan leaving Superboy Would it be putting two and[...]