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Bill Morrison Art Retrospective Coming To His Home Town Of Lincoln Park, MI
If you are a fan of Bill Morrison, the co-founder of Bongo Comics as well as a Disney illustrator how has done promotional work on: Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid and more… then you can go see a retrospective show on his work in his home town of Lincoln Park Michigan[...]
Thirty-One Reviews Of Thirty-One Free Comic Book Day 2014 Titles – Futures End, Uber, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hello Kitty, Hip Hop Family Tree, Overstreet, Jellaby, Buck Rogers, Teen Titans Go, Street Fighter, Steam Wars, All You Need Is Kill, Raising A Reader, Atomic Robo, Archie, Bongo, Les Miserables, Sherwood Texas, History Of Japan, Scratch 9,  Bleeding Cool Magazine, Defend Comics, Sonic, Tick, Fubar, Kaboom, Spongebob Squarepants, Epic, Uncle Scrooge, Scam and Intrinsic
Just not for me. Bongo Free For All Comics published by Bongo This comic has a back page Archie gag with the Futurama gang that I laughed at more than a hundred pages of the real thing, and the Sergio Aragones "Where's Ralph" full page cartoon of a prison riot is my favourite thing here, but there's lots to[...]
"Bart & Co", A New Name For The Simpsons
Bongo Entertainment, Matt Groening's comic book publisher that publish the Simpsons line of comic books, has registered the following trademark for online comic book publishing. That's the first mention of "Bart & Co." I can find in relation to a Simpsons project Is this a new Simpsons comic? A new name for Bongo? A name for[...]
Bongo Turns 20, Futurama Gets An App and Springfield Goes To Gluten War
Svensson writes  for Bleeding Cool: Bongo Comics is 20 years old They're celebrating with… well, a new Futurama comic app Bill Morrison showed up to make that announcement Well, when is it coming out? He doesn't know Will there be original Futurama comics that are digital first? He doesn't know Formats? He doesn't know[...]
When Futurama Met The Doctor
Ian Melton writes; Praise for a rare "licensed" book that is good and funny. Reading comic books there are few really "fun" books that come out
Scott Shaw! And The Hundred Dollar Page Rate
This has not been the case with Boom, Dynamite, IDW, Action Lab or other similarly licensed title publishers of late. Scott cites that Bongo Comics pay much better rates for his Simpsons work Simpsons is a worldwide comics success however, selling hundred of thousands of copies in France alone Maybe, if sales of these other licensed[...]
Now Bongo Comics Gets A New Logo. And Homer Tries To Eat The Old One
And now it's time for Bongo Comics of The Simpsons, Futurama and Sergio Aragones to change their logo And all their titles as well. Two weeks ago Sorry, I just noticed. Here's how, and why, Matt Groening's comic book publisher did the deed, explained to retailers, as well as a preview of what's to come including Chief[...]
Bongo Dropped Comics Code A Year Ago – And No One Noticed
If a publisher drops the Comics Code and doesn't send a press realease out, does it still make a sound? Yesterday, it was announced that DC Comics had pulled out of the Comics Code (something previous President and Publisher, Paul Levitz, had held very dear to his heart) in favour of a new rating system. But was[...]