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(@ActionLab) October 2, 2017 But just a few hours later, the company's Danger Zone imprint Twitter account went on the offensive, tweeting (and soon deleting): It's unusual for a comic book publisher to urge the protest or boycott of its own comics, and it seems unlikely that calling their critics "over zealous nut jobs" will go over[...]
Time Warner Partners With Snapchat For Original Programming
For a network, this can help get your advertising message out there in a short period of time and for a relatively small budget: The Wall Street Journal reports that some episodes cost less than $6000 to produce. This isn't Snap's first venture into original content: earlier this year, Snap premiered Boycott, a scripted comedy from[...]
SNL Takes Boycotting Donald Trump To An Extreme For Snapchat
Saturday Night Live has just unveiled their first Snapchat short called Boycott The first SNL Stories was written by Chris Kelly, Sarah Schneider and Aidy Bryant and stars Bryant and Beck Bennett as a young couple trying to boycott products associated with Donald Trump, but it's far more products than they thought Bobby Moynihan also[...]
Boycotting Marvel Comics: What Are We Willing To Risk To Make A Point?
However, this customer manages to convince thousands of other customers that the milk price is too high and they should boycott the store The movement gains momentum and before long the boycott is huge. The boycott begins to hurt the bottom line of the store, and upper management is starting to get annoyed about it[...]
The Orson Scott Card Story Is Not Going Away – Firing Petition Tops 6,000
Here's a few prominent examples of the commentary being generated. Ben Bates, The Gutters Martha Thomase, ComicMix If one doesn't like a creator's politics, one is free to institute a personal boycott I, for one, stopped buying Revlon products when I didn't like what Perlman did to Marvel I don't buy Domino's pizza My decisions make very little[...]
Campaign To Get Orson Scott Card Fired From Superman Begins
What if Jack Chick wrote Superman? Courtesy of Kat Rocha. So, yesterday I wrote an article in response to requests I'd had to promote an organised campaign to boycott DC, Superman and to get Orson Scott Card fired off the Superman Adventures book for being an anti-gay marriage activist and holding virulent homphobic views. Instead I wrote[...]
Steve Bissette Calls For Action Against Marvel Over Jack Kirby Case
And in doing so has called on a boycott for anyone buying work based on anything created or co-created by Jack Kirby at Marvel. So he's created a veritable manifesto for change, first on Facebook, then collated on his website, and answering his considerable critics in which he points out he is continually paid by DC[...]