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The Purge TV Show Still

"The Purge" Season 2 Teases Return in October to USA Network

It will again be produced by Jason Blum, series creator James DeMonaco, Thomas Kelly, Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form and Sebastien K Lemercier.Luke is playing a character named Marcus Moore, ‘an accomplished professional with a loving wife and a beautiful house whose seemingly perfect life is shattered when an assassin breaks into his house on Purge night.” So I would expect him[...]

The Purge TV Show Will Explore the Concept Deeper Than the Film Series

Hot on the heels of the latest film The First Purge, the show continues to take a look at what happens when all law is suspended for one night only once a year. Lex Scott Davis, Brad Fuller, Jason Blum, James DeMonaco, Gabriel Chavarria, Amanda Warren, Thomas Kelly, and Anthony Hemingway were our Purgers for this panel.We started talking about The First[...]

Last Witch Hunter's Breck Eisner In Talks Direct Thirteenth Friday The 13th

The possibilities are endless with Jason.Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, who produced the the 2009 remake will return once more.Deadline reports that The Last Witch Hunter director Breck Eisner is in talks to direct the next Friday the 13th entry, the thirteenth film in the series (counting Freddy vs[...]

Cast and Crew of TMNT: Out of The Shadows Talk New Characters At WonderCon

Producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, star Megan Fox (returning as April O’ Neill) and the Turtles new onscreen ally, Stephen Amell (as Casey Jones) stopped by WonderCon this past weekend to share some new footage and divulge a couple details about the much-anticipated sequel.It’s no surprise to say that Out of the Shadows will[...]

Prisoners' Aaron Guzikowski To The 13th Friday The 13th

The film, to be produced by Michael Bay with his Platinum Dunes partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will presumably see the return of drowning victim and brutal killer Jason Voorhees.All other details, including its connections to previous entries, are unknown And considering there are three killers in the series as a whole, it's always[...]