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’21 Bridges’ Trailer Chadwick Boseman Puts NY on Lockdown in Russos’ Crime Thriller

Chadwick Boseman Puts NY on Lockdown in Russo Brothers Crime Thriller '21 Bridges'

Despite his sordid past in the force, he earns a chance at redemption by leading the manhunt.Leading the city-wide manhunt, the detective orders all access points (bridges, tunnels, roads, etc.) to Manhattan cut off, but discovers the lockdown produces beyond its intended effect as he unravels a growing conspiracy. Bridges is directed by Brian Kirk,[...]

Hard Sun: Luther's Neil Cross Sets Apocalyptic Drama at Hulu, BBC One

Is there a point to enforcing the law in the face of certain destruction? With the end of the world looming, how far would you go to make things right? Those are just some of the themes to be tackled by Neil Cross' (Luther) Hard Sun, a six-part "pre-apocalyptic" crime drama from BBC One and Hulu. Written[...]

Stephen Graham To Lead Brooklyn Animal Control Pilot

Game of Thrones vet Brian Kirk is slated to direct.Graham played Al Capone on Boardwalk Empire, but also appears in the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean films, the This is England series and bought a gun for protection in Snatch. According to Deadline, actor Stephen Graham is set to star in a pilot for[...]

Game Of Thrones Director Brian Kirk Directing New Take On The Osterman Weekend

The Osterman Weekend is one of the Sam Peckinpah pictures it's okay to remake (well, I think it's okay to remake them all, but I know some people are sentimental about these things). One reason this would get the nod, perhaps, is that Peckinpah's film was already adapted itself, from Robert Ludlum's novel of the […]