Dead End Drive-In Used a 1986 Vocab to Show Us Our World Today
Brian Trenchard-Smith's 1986 film Dead End Drive-In is one of those movies that appears to be one thing—in this case, a post-apocalyptic thriller in a sea of Mad Max imitators—and was in fact another: a sneakily subversive attack on mainstream culture It sets up a world in which real-world situations play out in allegory, a[...]
John Cusack And Thomas Jane Drive Hard In Brian Trenchard-Smith's Latest
Brian Trenchard-Smith really knows how to direct action He made some truly wonderful action films in the seventies and eighties, films such as Stunt Rock and The Man From Hong Kong, and his latest film looks set to feature a great deal of automotive action. Starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane, the film began shooting on[...]