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BOOM! Studios to Staff: And You Get a Promotion! And You Get A Promotion!
Seven, to be precise, in addition to the hiring ofJeanine Schaefer earlier today as Executive Editor. In a press release, BOOM! revealed that seven more of its staff have been promoted to various editorial positions: Bryce Carlson has been promoted to Vice President, Editorial & Creative Strategy Joining BOOM! Studios in 2008 as an Executive Assistant, Carlson[...]
As Close To True Crime As Noir Can Get – Bryce Carlson Talks HIT 1957
This week brings the release, on April 29th of the second issue of the new series Hit 1957 from Bryce Carlson and Vanesa Del Rey at Boom! Studios Readers have had ample opportunity to feast their eyes on the dark crime drama's previous arc, Hit 1955, and even on the special "Pen & Ink" black[...]
Drenching Scenes Of Brutal Violence – Hit: 1957 Arrives At Last
Written by Bryce Carlson, with art by Vanessa R Del Rey, this new series sees colourist Niko Guardia replace Archie Van Buren, whilst Ed Dukeshire is on letters duty This new installment in the series picks up the pieces two years down the line as Bonnie Blair has tried to put some distance between her[...]
Get A Second Dose Of Noir – Following Hit: 1955, Hit: 1957 Arrives In March
Hit: 1957 is the next chapter in Los Angeles' violent past, written by Bryce Carlson, with art by Vanesa R Del Rey The story will take readers later in the violent decade of change for Los Angeles with familiar faces, new threats, and more sharp and smart noir. The story follows Mickey Cohen, who has laid low since his[...]
Boom! To Collect Harvey Nominated Series Hit: 1955
Hit: 1955, the four-issue series written by Bryce Carlson and drawn by Vanesa R Del Rey is being collected in December by Boom! Studios The story looks at the twisted history of the LAPD and of a policeman who did some under-the-table wetwork in an attempt to clean up the streets The series was nominated[...]