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Level 99's Shoot-Em-Up Puzzle Board Game Bullet On Kickstarter
Level 99 Games has put out a new game on Kickstarter called Bullet The game is a shoot-em-up-style, real-time puzzle game where players assume the role of heroines from magical-girl anime-style backgrounds and attempt to defeat their opponent with a variety of different types of weapons in each of their arsenals. An array of the components[...]
DC Comics Gets A New Logo. And Here It Is.
At the end of last year, Bleeding Cool told you that DC Comics and DC Entertainment would be getting a new logo. The relatively recent DC Spin/DC Swoosh designed by Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studio from 2005, which itself replaced the DC Bullet designed by Milton Glazer from 1976. Well, this symbol has now been submitted for[...]