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Daniel Freedman, who is perhaps best known as a co-creator for Image Comics Undying Love and Burn the Orphanage, is running a Kickstarter campaign to help him make a film of another comic — but not one of his own Rather, he is looking to turn a short comic by Malachi Ward called UTU into[...]
The Bleed Episode 11: Reading Punk Rock Jesus With Sina Grace And Alex Wilson
Also joining the group is kick-ass artist Sina Grace, former editor of The Walking Dead and Invincible who is now the artist for titles such as Li'l Depressed Boy, Self-Obsessed, Burn the Orphanage, and the recently launched Penny Dora and the Wishing Box, all from Image Comics. You can download us if you're on the go here or take a listen below. We're[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Sina Grace And Daniel Freedman On Burn The Orphanage
By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode92.mp3] After last week's chat with Kyle Higgins (which you can still listen to here), this time around I team-up with the dynamic duo of Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman to discuss their series Burn The Orphanage: Reign of Terror from Image Comics. Sina, Daniel & I talk about how they first met, what Burn[...]
Burn The Orphanage #3 Is An Action Book About The Problems Of Love
By Alex Wilson Burn The Orphanage, written by Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman and drawn by Sina Grace, captivated me from the first issue The story follows the adventures of Rock, a rough and tough street fighter orphan who survived his orphanage burning down. The first three issues of the series are unconventional to say the least[...]
Thirty Thoughts About Thirty Comics – Iron Man, Earth 2, Superior Spider-Man, Bionic Man, Batman/Superman, X-Men Legacy, Batwing, Green Arrow,  Phantom Stranger, Fearless Defenders, Detective Comics, Elephantmen, Khan, Spawn,  Burn The Orphanage, Happy Kitty, Judge Dredd, The Revenger, Velvet, Carbon Grey, Great Pacific, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Think Tank, Doctor Who, Black Bat, Deadworld, Dinosaurs Attack, Transformers And TMNT Shredder (UPDATE)
You know where this sort of thing leads? Exactly, Khan has some strong opinions on the matter in Star Trek… Spawn also goes for some species origin thing as Todd McFarlane turns into Dave Sim and rewrites life, the universe and everything. Burn The Orphanage does make quite a point Will anyone oblige? Thank you Happy Kitty,[...]
Cover Variance: Burn The Orphanage On Tour, And Walking Dead #1 At Wizard World Austin
Here are the retailer exclusive covers for Burn The Orphanage: Born To Lose #2, out in December Rock/ Maximum Comics – Ryan Ottley (Invincible) Lex/ Hastings – Cory Walker (Invincible, Science Dog) Bear/ Double Midnight Comics – Jason Howard (Super Dinosaur, Scatterlands) Co-creator Sina Grace will also be touring these stores during Decembr and January… The events of BURN THE[...]
Swipe File: Burn The Orphanage And The Art Of Udon
On the left, a page from the Art Of Udon by Jeff Cruz, celebrating the work of comics game designers and those inspired by them at Udon. And on the right, a panel from Burn The Orphanage #1 by Sina Grace which shipped this week from Image Comics Which has its own video game inspiration, but[...]
The Video Game Reality Behind Burn The Orphanage #1
Shawn Demumbrum writes; Sina Grace and Daniel Freedmans' Burn The Orphanage hit shelves this past Wednesday  The creators have been aggressively touring comic stores across the nation to promote their thinly veiled Street Fighter tribute comic book which has been succinctly described as "Street Fighter vs Stripper Ninjas"  At least, that's how the first issue measures[...]