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Like we said earlier today, everyone loves a drone.


I'm starting to wonder why all the Iron Men suits still need to be man-shaped though. As subterfuge? To present a human face to mass destruction? Ego? Or maybe just so Superman won't just keep going through you?


Oh Lois, what are you, a sitcom character? That's the kind of mishap you'd expect from Friends rather than an award winning journalist-turned superpowered freak of nature on Earth 2


Talking of sitcoms… Doc Octopus trying romantic sweet nothings, with little hearts around his head is the highlight of Superior Spider-Man for me. Say, you don't suppose he uses those extra arms of his like…

BionicMan #26 (preview 12_4)

Oh sorry, looks like the Bionic Man has beaten him to it.


Is it Batman? Or is it Memorex? Batman/Superman builds up Bruce from the ground up. But is that still Bruce inside there now? Maybe we should ask Lois?

Still, I'm sure everything will turn out okay. I'm planning on making a chicken and vegetable soup later today, something warming for the winter weather. Maybe Superman could whip up something similar to help restore Batman to his human self. Get his heart pumping again. What kind of ingredients would that take?


That's not helpful, David Haller off of X-Men Legacy. But it's the closest you'll get to a DC/Marvel crossover this year.

IMG_0019The literal embodiment of a nation's past as its superhero character comes to Batwing. When in Rome, dress up as a Roman legionary and run around the rooftops. Of course, it's no less ridiculous than someone dressed as a bat doing the same, but still. By the way, this is a really good looking book, with relatively few sales. Might be worth an extra look this week. I've also been watching the ITV2 sitcom Plebs again, set in ancient Rome, so I'm kind of in the spirit.


Green Arrow. Bringing you the biggest sound effects in comics, relative to a character's size.


See, in comparison, The Phantom Stranger has got nothing. Seriously John Constantine, why the reaction, the 'O's are only just bigger than your head.


Frankie, do you remember her, Frankie, do you remember? Fearless Defenders, its last issue, goes out with a blast.


It's like something out of House isn't it? Except that in Detective Comics he'll get it right first time. I wonder if you can get an inoculation for bats? I hope it's not catching.


Elephant Men goes for the origin of the species. With not so pretty results. You know where this sort of thing leads?

Star Trek Khan #3

Exactly, Khan has some strong opinions on the matter in Star Trek

spawn Spawn also goes for some species origin thing as Todd McFarlane turns into Dave Sim and rewrites life, the universe and everything.


Burn The Orphanage does make quite a point. Will anyone oblige?

happy Thank you Happy Kitty, getting her own one shot this week from Absolution. And continuing that mix of insane violence and panty shots that we've come to… well, feel rather uncomfortable about actually. And here's how she got that way…

Judge Dredd #14

The stench of death reaches Judge Dredd. But do you actually do your smelling in your nostrils? Isn't it further up? I have realised I have no idea what I'm talking about and should go and read a biology book, maybe get a closer look.


Thank you for obliging, preview to The Revengers in the back of Elephantmen lets us know some of what we can expect…


The beauty of Velvet. Epting continues to channel the classic European comics of the sixties and seventies, and the best looking vehicles in comics today. Especially when they hit each other. Hard.

Extra points for the Magic E.


Eyes up soldiers! Oh, they already were. Sensible… Carbon Grey returns with all the guns, glory and tight fitting pants you might want.

great pacific I built my own shelf the other day as well. Not quite a continental one, I admit, but it keeps the Absolute Sandman volumes nicely. I wonder if The Great Pacific's little project will hold up as well?


Francesco Francavilla's Angela, everyone in today's Guardians Of The Galaxy. It's rather transformative, don't you think?


One week off the air and you forget his voice already, Taskmaster? Agents Of SHIELD can't come back quickly enough. But Secret Avengers fills a nice gap…

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 1.55.03 PM

Is that Eric Sykes, British comedy legend and writer/star of the infamous The Plank short film? Should Think Tank be renamed Think Plank? You know it makes sense… and as for that T-shirt of choice… such language could get a man into trouble.

Doctor Who #16

Or, not using such language. Sorry, Doctor.

Layout 1

Come on everyone, do the Black Bat! And stretch to the left, stretch to the right, reach up and feel the burn!

Deadworld Restoration #1

Someone else wants to join in the dance, it seems, in Deadworld Restoration.

Dinosaurs Attack #5

I know you've tried the water cooler, the laptop and the mug of coffee in Dinosaurs Attack… but you haven't quite thrown in the kitchen sink as well, have you?

Trasformers MTMTE #24

That twelve step program usually has to deal with denial, doesn't it? Even for Transformers…

That's my comics for the week. I have nothing more to give you, save my blood, sweat and tears.

TMNT Micro #8 Shredder

And I will, thank you TMNT Micro #8 for making it so plain. So what are you reading this week?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, currently exhibiting the work of some rather well known comic artists from Portland.


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