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The Flash #47 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
Flash War begins with Barry Allen and the elder Wally West assailed by the Renegades, a Rogues-inspired future police force, who want to arrest Iris West for the murder of Eobard Thawne. Does it make for a good read?
Flash #36 cover by Barry Kitson and Hi-Fi
The Flash has one of the best rogues' galleries in comic books, so the likes of Captain Cold and Mirror Master making a reappearance is certainly appreciated Godspeed shows up once more, and he seems to be going through some interesting character changes. The plan and actions being taken by the Rogues seem out of character[...]
Brian Michael Bendis batman
Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman and[...]
Captain Cold
In the first season of The Flash, Wentworth Miller was cast to play Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold Snart is one of the most popular of the Rogues in the comics and he quickly became that in the series as well When the producers put together DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Miller along with his former[...]
Will Captain Cold And Heat Wave Go Back To Being Villains?
It's more of an emotional connection. But Purcell let it slip that Captain Cold's return might revert Mick to his darker nature: I don't think Mick is a good guy and there's a lot of history there Mick loves Cold. We know that Leonard Snart will be making a return soon as more than just a thing in[...]
When Will We See Captain Cold Again?
So far we've seen him pop up in a flashback and as a hologram on The Flash and his gun showed up this week on Legends of Tomorrow… but when will we get the real Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) back? We know he will show up in the midseason finale as Captain Cold teams up[...]
That Thing That Happened On Legends And What It Means For That Person
Wentworth Miller who plays Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold The episode has Snart going out with a bang, literally, and taking the Time Masters ability to see through time with him Executive Producer Greg Berlanti told Deadline that it was always known that Miller wouldn't be a permanent part of the Waverider crew. With a show[...]
Five Thoughts For Season 3 Of The Flash
We could definitely use more episode with Captain Cold and Heatwave And isn't it time to introduce Mirror Master? And that particle accelerator prison is just calling out for a jail break A season with Barry dealing with rogues teaming up while he is focused on the end event would be very cool. 4 – It[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Marooned
From this though we get the backstory between Captain Cold and Heat Wave and how they met in juvenile hall For someone who is very closed off, Snart seems to open up pretty easily to Sara. 3 – As natural and fun as the Sara / Leonard relationship is, the Kendra / Ray relationship seems much more[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Blood Ties
This is what we expected from Captain Cold and Heat Wave but of course the writer's have an interesting twist in mind Snart steals the gem that his father ends up being caught stealing two days later He wants to prevent his father from going to jail which changes him, makes him become abusive The[...]