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Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Coming off of the two-part pilot and the surprising death of a character, the writer's of DC's Legends of Tomorrow find a way to involve all of the characters into three separate storylines that really boil down to exploring one character each. Not an easy task in 44 minutes of show. Though I think one of the characters didn't quite fit with what they did with him. But lets get to the important moments.

1 – Sara Lance has an important role on the team and it has little to do with her fighting. She sees through Rip Hunter's bull. She knows he has lost his way and suggests going after Vandal Savage's money. This leads to the two characters interacting through out the episode. Sara helping restore Rips confidence while Rip helps Sara deal with the blood lust from the Lazarus Pit. This could end up being a very interesting relationship as the series progresses.

2 – Kendra Saunders is dying and it's up to Ray Palmer and Martin Stein to save her. She has shards from the dagger floating in her bloodstream and the best option is for Ray to go in as the Atom and get them. But after a failed attempt, Ray's confidence is shot and it's up to Stein to build him back up, so the professor lies and says he remembers Ray after all. He doesn't of course, Ray's life has been completely unremarkable but Stein helps him get back on track and it creates a bond between the two.

3 – The rest of the team, Leonard Snart, Mick Rory and Jefferson Jackson go off to steal an emerald. This is what we expected from Captain Cold and Heat Wave but of course the writer's have an interesting twist in mind. Snart steals the gem that his father ends up being caught stealing two days later. He wants to prevent his father from going to jail which changes him, makes him become abusive. The move could change Cold's life drastically but he still wants to do it. Whether it's to save his father or protect his mother from what his father becomes isn't exactly clear, but you can see his motivation. My only problem with this part of the story is Jax going along with the heist in the first place. Seems really out of character for him.

4 – The big thing we learn in this episode is that Rip tried to go back to ancient Egypt and kill Savage but when he had the opportunity, he couldn't do it. He became a legend that Savage told to his followers through the years and when they meet again in this episode, Savage finds out about Rips family and their names. Which leads the question did Rip go back and time to kill Savage before or after Savage killed his family? Did Rip cause Savage to go after them? I think it's probably the other way around, but time can get so confusing.

5 – The other main purpose of this episode besides creating bonds was to bring them together as a team. We saw them working together in the pilot but now we see what happens when they don't work together. When Snart, Rory and Jax have to rush in and save Rip and Sara and grab Carter Hall's body, It shows how much more powerful they are together. Plus it showed that Rip can fight which we hadn't seen much before.

6 – Once everyone is back on the Waverider, Snart finds out from Gideon that his father was arrested trying to sell the emerald to an undercover cop. His attempt to change the past ended up doing nothing. This is in contrast to the pilot where they almost wiped Stein's marriage out of existence, this showed that some things you can't change because it's the people not the events that make things happen. Though why not meeting that one girl meant Martin Stein would never marry I'm not sure.

This was an interesting episode character wise but also was probably good for the overall special effects budget. We never see Firestorm, The Atom is only shown in scenes by himself and Kendra never pops her wings so those to effects heavy characters were calmed down. The fire and ice guns weren't used much either. Most of the fighting was Sara and Rip doing hand to hand stuff. Smart way to save a few bucks.

Looks like Rip is going to have to answer to the Time Masters sooner rather than later in this trailer for next week.


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