The Flash #50 Review: A Genuinely Good Finale

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Flashes Barry Allen and Wally West are chasing Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon, through all of time. He has left the 25th Century in desolate and defeated the Justice League. That only leaves Barry Allen and Wally West to bring down the corrupted speedster. Meanwhile, Kid Flash is the only one who can save Iris Allen and Commander Cold from disappearing into the void of Nowhen.

Flash #50 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
The Flash #50 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi


The Flash #50 succeeds in bringing "Flash War" to a solid and genuinely compelling end. I'm unsure why this was the name used for the conflict. Yeah, Barry and Wally fought a bit, but it wasn't like an all-out battle.

Name aside, this climax to the story had some solid emotional moments, good action, and some cool stingers at the end to foreshadow stories to come. The way that they beat Zoom is a bit saccharine, but it oddly works in the context.

The emotional beats, something that this Flash series has struggled with since the beginning of the series, aren't melodramatic or over-the-top in this issue. They feel organic given the circumstances, and I didn't find myself exhausted by Barry or Wally.

There are problems to be had. The scenes of Wally and Barry chasing Hunter can become a little repetitive, and Kid Flash still has a moment that feels a little immature at the end. Also, Commander Cold is a dull character given his heritage.

The Flash #50 art by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
The Flash #50 art by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

Howard Porter's artwork holds steady throughout. There's not a moment that feels off or unappealing. The use of art and stills from previous comics is a nice touch given the multiverse-scale scope of the story. The sequence in Hypertime looks really cool. The Flash costumes hold up. Hi-Fi makes sure the colors are vibrant and appealing. The comic looks genuinely great.

Flash #50 caught me off guard with how engaged it kept me throughout most of the comic. I've had many a problem with Flash post-Rebirth, but this was a genuinely great issue. The pacing is solid, the emotional beats land, and the action is cool. This one earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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