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This article contains spoilers for DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode Marooned.






Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Last night's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow showed us some of the past for our heroes, put the spotlight on two in very different ways and continued building the relationships between the teammates… or in one case, destroying it. This was another one-and-done episode that leads to the next location of Vandal Savage, but it also has dramatic effects on the team. Let's get to the important moments.

1 – We get a good look at Rip Hunter's past and how other Time Masters (and Pirates) look at him. We see how he met his wife and how much influence she had on him. Though it seems odd that the Time Masters feel a bit like Starfleet in how they train their agents. Seeing him through the eyes of Captain Baxter and of John Valor (both comic characters), we get a better idea of what he's accomplished and that in a way, he is already a bit of a legend.

2 – There is an odd chemistry building between Sara Lance and Leonard Snart, I'm not sure if it's a potential relationship or a mutual respect and kindred spirits thing… but the two work well together on screen. A shame the spent most of the time doing nothing but shivering. From this though we get the backstory between Captain Cold and Heat Wave and how they met in juvenile hall. For someone who is very closed off, Snart seems to open up pretty easily to Sara.

3 – As natural and fun as the Sara / Leonard relationship is, the Kendra / Ray relationship seems much more forced. When it popped up last week it seemed like a plot device to showcase the connection between both parts of Firestorm. But here the writers follow up on it and get to the point where Kendra Saunders is trying to save Ray's life and telling him she needs him. This doesn't feel right for the character. Hawkgirl has always been strong and self-reliant. But here she is anything but. She constantly reminds us that not long ago she was just a barista… well she's right and in that time she has been in a relationship with Cisco Ramon yet ran off with Carter Hall who she finally felt love for just as he died and now she's got feeling for Ray Palmer. She's supposed to be the Hawk Goddess not the constant damsel in distress.

4 – It's not Snart's fault completely for Mick Rory turning on the team. Rip is equally to blame. So far it seems that Rip only knows to lie when its not appropriate and tells the truth when he shouldn't. There was no reason to tell Rory that he was a +1 for the adventure. With his relationship with Snart already bad, cutting off his only other tie to the team was the worst possible move. I'm starting to think Rip doesn't handle stress very well.

5 – One of the more fun parts of the episode was Professor Martin Stein playing John McClain. Stein can be an arrogant and verbose character, but the writers keep putting him in unique situations that take him out of his comfort zone and those are fun to watch. Though I think it was a bit of a cheat to have his take down of the armed pirate happen behind a closed door. I could imagine the writer's room discussion about how Stein could disarm the bad guy in a physical confrontation and then finally throwing up their hands, deciding to do it off-screen and letting the viewers imagination do the hard work.

6 – Well, this is what has been building up over the whole series. The rift between Snart and Rory seems to have gotten too big and Heat Wave is angry enough that they start to fear him. They can't just put him back on Earth in 2016 because he might kill the teams family. So Captain Cold takes him planet-side and we see what appears to be him shooting Rory with the freeze gun. But is he dead? We're meant to believe it. And the executive producers have let us know that not everyone is going to survive this journey. But without seeing the actual body…. you never know. And two deaths before the halfway point of the season does seem a bit high. If I had to put money on it, I'd say we haven't seen the last of Heat Wave.

The episode was decent but had some flaws. Why, once Stein got them out of the cell did he and Jax not merge into Firestorm and take out the pirates? Their plan seemed a lot more intricate than needed when he could have just blasted them. I get that the producers are trying to keep effects down so we don't see Firestorm as much… but here it's just a blaring plot hole. And if you're Rip Hunter, why are you constantly separating Stein and Jax? Isn't Firestorm basically your big gun?

Next week we get back to the Vandal Savage storyline, going to Oregon in the 1950's in what seems to be an homage to the atomic era horror movies.


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