Five Thoughts For Season 3 Of The Flash

THE FLASHFlash is wrapping up season two in the next few week and there has been some really good things in the series and some not so good. So I started thinking about what I'd like to see in a season three. What elements have fallen to the wayside that I'd like to see return and what new things could be added. And here are the five things:

1 – The thing that made The Flash stand out from Arrow was fun. Barry Allen enjoyed being the Flash. He wasn't on a mission of revenge. He was having fun and saving people. Of course he wanted to save his mother and free his father. But all of season two has been about cleaning up after what he did in season one. And now he's riddled with guilt and not having fun at all. They need to bring the joy back into it.

2 – The big baddies for the first two seasons have been speedsters. I'd like to see that change for season three. The Flash has some of the best villains in the DC universe next to Batman, so there shouldn't be a problem finding one to focus on. Or, there doesn't have to be a villain per say. This is one of the few series that could get away without one with Barry's ability to travel through time and Vibe's ability to see things… you could show an event that will happen and make that what they are trying to avoid.

3 – What this season has lacked are the rogues. We could definitely use more episode with Captain Cold and Heatwave. And isn't it time to introduce Mirror Master? And that particle accelerator prison is just calling out for a jail break. A season with Barry dealing with rogues teaming up while he is focused on the end event would be very cool.

4 – It would be nice to remember that Barry is a CSI and is pretty intelligent. That gets overshadowed by the STAR Labs team in most episodes. It would be good to see him working cases again and solving crimes. How does he keep his job if he's off in other dimensions and realities? Let's keep him on this Earth and mostly in this time for a season.

5 – Now because the show deal with time travel, it would be interesting to see Flash or Vibe get a glimpse of one year in the future where Central City is in ruins. And they have the season to figure out the cause and how to stop it. And as events happen during the season, the vision becomes more clear… so probably Vibe then. And have a big twist near the end that reveals the event is something they are causing to happen and not preventing.

Possible Source – There is no real definitive Flash story out there they could use as a background, but they could combine Rogue War and Rogue's Revenge. Having Captain Cold and Heat Wave return from their adventures with Rip Hunter only to discover that there are new rogues taking over the city and nudging them out, meaning Snart and Rory must fight their way back into control of the city. You could bring in a lot of rogues this way.

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