DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Chills Out With Captain Cold

The Flash has arguably the largest and most diverse rogues gallery of any comic hero, only Batman is close but I give the nod to the Scarlet Speedster because his group recognizes themselves as a group and often work together… Batman's villains sometime team up but their egos tend to be their downfall when working together. Among the Rogues there are a few that rise above the others. Where Reverse-Flash is closest to Barry Allen's equal, Captain Cold is probably his true archenemy.

When casting the role of Leonard Snart / Captain Cold I think the producers of The Flash television series made one of their best choices with Wentworth Miller. He brings exactly the cynical and calculating persona that the character needed. Teamed with his former Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell, Cold and Heat Wave are moving past being just Rogues and are becoming Legends starting next week.

The promo below showcases Captain Cold and gives the series an element of potential betrayal. Can the two criminals stay on the side of the light long enough to save the world?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow premieres January 21st.


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