The Six Important Moments From The Flash – Rogue Time

By now you know these articles have SPOILERS… so do what you do.

ColdThe latest episode of The Flash, called Rogue Time, was the do-over day that was created when The Flash traveled back in time in last week's Out Of Time. This episode was a huge one for setting the television series up similar to the comics as well as moving the Harrison Wells / Reverse-Flash story forward though not as far ahead as last week's would have had Barry Allen not gone back in time.

Let's get right to the moments.

1) It takes Barry a little while to figure out what exactly is going on, but when he does he decides to change the course of the day by grabbing Mark Mardon / Weather Wizard and tossing him into the Star Lab prison before he can do any real damage… other than killing the coroner. Everyone is amazed that Barry caught him so quick… well, almost everyone.

2) Barry is acting weird in the beginning and saying things as other people same them. Wells picks up on this and pulls Barry aside, knowing Barry has time traveled. He tries to explain to Barry that he has to do everything exactly the same way or he can cause serious problems. Wells is then upset when Barry goes ahead and changes things by apprehending Mardon, changing the future. Wells stresses that whatever catastrophe Barry thinks he's preventing… time will make up for it. At this point, if you were Barry, wouldn't you stop and ask Wells just how he knows so much about time travel?

3) Ignoring Wells warning a second time, Barry tries to open up to Iris West because she shared her feelings for him in the other timeline. But without the events that made her realize how she felt, she rejects Barry which gets back to Eddie Thawne. Later Eddie decks Barry at a crime scene. Lesson here for Barry is the consequences of using information gained during time travel is not always accurate later on. This whole episode seemed to be about teaching Barry that time travel is not something to be toyed with. You can't just turn back the clock any time someone dies.

4) So how did time try to correct itself? Well, in the first pass Cisco Ramon was killed by Wells… in the new pass he and his brother Dante are taken hostage by Captain Cold, Heatwave and Cold's sister Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider. The idea is for him to make them more weapons, which he does to protect his brother. But when The Flash stops them Cold forces Cisco to tell him The Flash's true identity. This gets them out alive and when Cisco decides to leave Star Lab so as not to put Barry in danger again… Wells has a second chance to tell Cisco that he thinks of him as a son… but without killing him this time.

5) This all leads to an important confrontation between Cold and The Flash where the Rogues get named and the basic rules are put into place. No one gets killed, no one goes after Barry's family and friends and The Flash won't toss them into the particle accelerator prison. The Rogues are still going to try and commit crimes, The Flash is still going to try and stop them… but the "nuclear options" have been taken off the table. It's an interesting scene to watch, but when you step back and look at what they actually said… I'm not sure it works. More of a "what the hell just happened" moment. The point is to get it closer to the comics, but I'm not sure what they were doing will have come across to the non-comic reading audience.

6) In Out of Time Mason Bridge put the idea that Wells killed Simon Stagg into Iris' ear, that she asked Barry and he asked Cisco and Caitlin Snow which lead to Cisco being killed. In Rogue Time Bridge never gets a chance to talk to Iris, but Barry remembers though we don't see him talking to Cisco and Caitlin about it. Yet at the end of the episode the Reverse-Flash paid a visit to Bridge, took all his data and killed him. So how does Wells know that Bridge is trying to investigate the story? And in Out of Time Bridge knows Barry because he's been following Wells around yet in Rogue Time he doesn't know Barry at all? This is either something the writers missed or there is something about Wells that made him remember the previous timeline too. Though killing Bridge is what has finally made Barry think something is up with Wells.

So next week we get to see what the fall out of Bridge's killing is going to be and maybe we'll get a better explanation of what deal Cold and Flash made… but I think we'll have plenty to see with two Tricksters and the return of Mark Hamill to the Flash family.


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