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Things To Do: Trifecta, Wordburglar, Caption And John Miers
Tickets here. Caption, the long standing British small press comics convention at the East Oxford Community Centre in Oxford is on this weekend with guests Rian Hughes, Andrzej Klimowski, Danusia Schebal, Al Davison, Paul Collicutt , Karen Rubins, Ian Rakoff and Charles Cutting, from 11am till 11pm on Saturday and 11pm to 5pm on Sunday. A little[...]
Caption Comics Convention Returns To Oxford For 19th Year
After that last article, I need a feel good British comic con story. Caption. It's the longest running comic book convention in the UK But you won't find any movies there, TV show cast, or even a medium-sized comic book publisher Because Caption, returning to Oxford this weekend for its 19th year, is a small press comic[...]