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While we've seen several incarnations of Robin brought to the big and small screen with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and even Tim Drake as the most famous incarnations, but we've also seen the Carrie Kelley incarnation getting the spotlight more and more over the years Created by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, and Lynn Varley, the[...]
Frank Miller Also Wants To Write A Carrie Kelly
We reported on how he said that the title of Dark Knight III: The Master Race refers to Batman releasing the Kryptonians from the Bottle City of Kandor. Today it was reported he told Newsarama that he wants to write a Dark Knight 4 without a co-writer, and pt in doubt just how much writing he's done on[...]
Carrie Kelley Dropped Off The Masthead Of Batman And…
And currently under the belief that he's in school in Europe. She was also due to appear in the Batman And series, that's followed on from Batman And Robin, and indeed, to gain access to the masthead, as Batman And Carrie Kelley #25. However, that is not to be The two subsequent issues are called Batman And[...]
Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Carrie Kelley New 52, Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Vs Comic, Orion & Wonder Woman: Opinion Nation
[youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph writes; Carrie Kelley joins the New 52 for DC Comics – as Robin? Will the Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014 be better than Marvel comic? Should Wonder Woman dump Superman for Orion? Hipsters invade comics with Saga, Hawkeye and Polarity! Is Superior Spider-Man no more? Has Gotham, and readers, found a new[...]
Carrie. Carrie Kelley. Robin – Friday Trending Topics
 I may be asking you to lay out how Marvel is going to fit Angela into Age of Ultron later. Most-Read Comic Stories Friday: Carrie Kelley To Be The New Robin On The Gatefold Cover Of Batman And Robin #19 I understand that certain retailers have been called up, and have been told that they may wish to[...]