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Monday Trending Topics: Comic Art For Comic Art's Sake
It has caused quite the stir, but could the pose be a complete coincidence? Possibly, but Paola has form in this regard. Kaare Andrews On CB Cebulski And The Speed Of Production  Kaare Andrews was one, however, who wanted to go on the record about the scheduling issue He writes for Bleeding Cool; Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: Scoop: Michael[...]
Kaare Andrews On CB Cebulski And The Speed Of Production
At the weekend, CB Cebulski took part in a round table discussion about the comics industry for the Toronto Star An unexpurgated version later went online. It caused considerable controversy amongst comics creators, some who wondered exactly who it was selling their art for $5000 a cover, $1000 a page, who wasn't Jim Lee, Frank Miller[...]
When Marvel And DC Turned Down Gerry Alanguinan
Marvel's Talent Director and international gourmand CB Cebulski is too, and the local comic book creators are getting ready to show him their portfolios through the National Book Store. Deadline is tomorrow to get them in folks. And as part of a motivational drive, Eisner nominee Gerry Alanguinan has been posting… well… his rejection letters from Marvel[...]
That Brazilian Marvel Panel On Video… Including Iron Fist Hint Hint
I think we can do something about that. The clip above sees CB Cebulski and Matt Fraction talking about upcoming plans on Defenders and Avenging Spider-Man reported on earlier today But also the hint that Matt Fraction may work with his main Iron Fist artist David Aja on an upcoming Iron Fist focussed issue of Defenders… [...]
And Finally… Going On A Date With Marvel Comics
And then you stare into CB Cebulski, Joe Quesada and Axel Alonso's deep, deep eyes, and you're theirs All those worries about Mephisto and Mary Jane, are suddenly gone Tonight is the night. Of course, a date where you pay the other party $550 usually goes by another name But this is what Marvel Reed are[...]
When CB Cebulski Mixed Comics With Cookies
And some of that may well be down to the writer and Senior VP of Marvel, CB Cebulski, who is a bit of a food lover in his own right He even has his own food blog, Eataku. So with Todd Nauck, they create a scenario where cooking techniques are juxtaposed with super hero/super villain fight[...]
BC ComicChron
TweetWatch: CB Cebulski: With his idiotic antics and ignorant statements at #C2E2, _____ further cements his reputation and legacy as "The Worst Editor in Comics". B Clay Moore: Spread love, CB Spring is here! CB Cebulski: I spread nothing but love for comics & creators all weekend at #C2E2, Clay I just wish others did the same. It'll be[...]