Tigerbelly Podcast: YouTube Creator Spotlight on Bobby Lee & Khalyla

Standup comedy may be struggling to find its way in the madness that is 2020, but comedians are thriving off-stage with podcasts. Podcasts have grown in recent years and are now often as popular to watch with video on YouTube as they are to listen to on apps. One of the top comedy podcasts is TigerBelly by Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn, which has been aired on their YouTube channel since February 19th, 2016. Here's a look at where they started, what their channel has to offers, and what they're doing now.

Still from an episode of Tigerbelly featuring Steebeeweebee. Credit: Tigerbelly on YouTube
Still from an episode of Tigerbelly featuring Steebeeweebee. Credit: Tigerbelly on YouTube

Bobby Lee is one of comedy's most entertaining storytellers and he is at his wily best in TigerBelly. With a gleam in his eye and a smirk tugging up the corner of his little mustachioed lip, he will derail any and every conversation by launching into hilarious tales of his life that are, he admits, a blend of fact and fiction. That's what comedy is and Bobby is as dynamic in his podcast chair next to the endlessly entertaining Khalyla as he is on stage.

TigerBelly bounces back between two formats: solo episodes, where Bobby, Khalyla, loyal sidekick Gilbert Galon, and harried producer George Kimmel (to the gang, "Pink Dick" or "white-white" due to his blood-colored complexion) converse for the full episode; and guest episodes, where the gang features another comedian, writer, musician, or some other creative. Unlike other podcasts, mosts of the guests are personal friends of Bobby and Khalyla, which makes for hilarious interactions as Bobby lovingly berates his buddies.

Bobby says of comedian Jesus Trejo: "You don't look human at all, bro."

…of comedian Erik Griffin: "You look like Tim Burton drew you."

…of producer and sometimes TigerBelly co-host Kimmel: "I know women probably find you attractive. And I love you like a brother. But I just find you so humorous to me. But not in a good way." Not in a good way at all.

Over more than 250 episodes of TigerBelly, viewers have become part of what feels like a family as they laugh and even mourn with Bobby, Khalyla, and the gang. Nosotros papaya.

The top five most viewed videos on their channel include:

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