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Chopped 420
With the New York State legislature announcing they've finalized a plan to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, the Food Network might have a whole slew of new chefs to compete in the future if the "Chopped" spinoff Chopped 420 catches on Announced on Saturday, the spinoff of the popular cooking competition series sees fur[...]
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The carver who impresses the expert panel of judges the most takes home a $10,000 prize. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Ghostly Milkshakes and Chocolate-Covered Bugs for Halloween | Chopped After Hours ( Cooking Channel also premieres new series: ● Freakshow Cakes on Friday, October 4 th at 11pm ET/8pm PT. In each episode of this[...]
By now, I'm pretty sure most of you know what Food Network's Chopped is all about Now having celebrated its 10th anniversary on-air, the Ted Allen-hosted, reality-based cooking show has four chefs compete against each other in three rounds for a chance to win $10,000 Each round, the chefs are presented with a basket of[...]