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Chopping Mall Score Coming To Vinyl From Waxwork Records Again
Chopping Mall is a terrible, awesome film from 1986 that record label Waxwork Records released the score for way back in 2014 It was only their fifth release and one of the most sought-after on the aftermarket at this point So, the news that they are repressing it and putting it up for order today[...]
Chopping Mall Marathon Coming To Shout Factory TV On Cyber Monday
The channel will air 24 hours straight of the cult classic film Chopping Mall, the best horror film about robots becoming aware and murdering people in a mall ever made The 80's favorite is a staple for Shout at this point, and any excuse to get to watch the film is a welcome one for[...]
Patton Oswalt Hosts Movie Marathon On Shout TV Tomorrow
The included films will be Chopping Mall, Battle Beyond the Stars, Shriek of the Mutilated, Suburbia, Eat My Dust, and Q the Winged Serpent. In-between the films will be segments filmed with Patton Oswalt Out of those, if you haven't seen Chopping Mall or Suburbia before, well, you should tune in just for those. Patton Oswalt Six Pack Marathon Of[...]
Black Friday Marathon of 'Chopping Mall' Coming to Shout Factory TV
Chopping Mall is going to run for 24 straight hours on November 29th over the Shout! Factory TV channel This 80's cult classic is one of my personal favorites, and is a must-watch if you have not seen it before Here is the trailer: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Chopping Mall Trailer ( This[...]
VHS Box Collage
The moral of the film? If someone delivers a television to your house that was meant to be delivered to Paranormal Research facility, leave it outside. Finally, Chopping Mall A bag full of body parts on the VHS box and that title are all it should have taken to get anyone to take this home and[...]