Terry Gilliam On The Most Sublime Shot Of His Whole Career

Still promoting his beautiful short film The Wholly Family, which will hopefully be available for purchase very soon, Terry Gilliam has submitted to a Q&A about his career and artistic process with The 99%. That's as in "99 percent perspiration" not, you know, the wealth gap. Now, I'll leave 99% of the article alone at […]

Best Camera Test Ever &#8211 But Canon Didnt Think It Was Funny

Best Camera Test Ever – But Canon Didn't Think It Was Funny

Most camera tests are quite samey, and for somebody not particularly interested in cinematography, very boring.But when Jonathan Yi took a pre-production model of the Canon EOS C300 out for a test spin he tried something a bit different.[vimeo][/vimeo]Yi has said: Canon, not thrilled with my sense of humor, does not credit or condone this[...]