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Doctor Who Lockdown focuses on "Listen" this week, courtesy of BBC Studios.
Set during Peter Capaldi's first season as The Doctor, the Series 8 episode finds the Doctor tracking a creature with an uncanny and eerie ability to hide, while Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) take on the dangers of a date With then-showrunner and episode writer Steven Moffat as well as episode director[...]
Doctor Who Lockdown, Steven Moffat Share Listen Pre-Rewatch Poem
Set during Peter Capaldi's first season as The Doctor, the Series 8 episode finds the Doctor tracking a creature with an uncanny and eerie ability to hide, while Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) take on the dangers of a date Of course, what would a global rewatch be if there weren't some[...]
The underlying theme was The Doctor questioning everything about himself and what he was supposed to stand for – though he was still The Doctor as we knew him at the core. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Am I A Good Man? | Into The Dalek | Doctor Who ( No longer the "impossible girl"[...]
Cutting the Fat: Holiday TV Episodes Too Hard to Swallow
Television shows should probably just give up using Native Americans as holiday plot devices. SANTA'S NAUGHTY LIST Doctor Who Christmas Special: 'The Snowmen' can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Clara Dies On Christmas Day | The Snowmen | Doctor Who ( "Carnivorous snow meets Victorian values." A sociopathic kid's evil snowman imaginary friend starts killing people[...]
Disney Releases New Trailer for 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms'
Nothing says the holidays quite like The Nutcracker, and this year Disney is releasing their own version of the classic tale. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a live-action reimagining of the Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky-written ballet, with some familiar settings and characters, but also all new realms and tasks young Clara must triumph through. can't[...]
Funko SDCC 2017 Wave 5 Exclusives: TV… Clara!
Clarke Pop! Television: Doctor Who – Clara Now, before everyone has a freakout, Funko has already said that Clara will be a shared exclusive. We can confirm Clara is shared! We'll post the full list with details the week of SDCC — Funko (@OriginalFunko) June 16, 2017 So there, no need to panic Whovians[...]
It Is Sunday Morning And I Am Writing Adric Fan Fic
A bit of me did, it's all rather complicated." "At least you remember some of it." "At least I can do something about it." Clara and Me watched The Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa mourn in their own way, in a room very much like the one they were standing in Same white same roundels, a pretty similar console[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Face The Raven
And yes, the Doctor saying to Clara "there's no nice way to say you're about to die" did seem rather directed at Clara as well as being about Local Knowledge… and as there was the appeal to the Doctor from Rigsy to save him "you're the Doctor… that's what you have to do", he did[...]
Mindless Speculation: Is Clara Really The Girl Who Died?
But a thought I expressed in Saturday's Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who got a surprising blast in my inbox, so may be worth repeating and expanding upon. The Magician's Apprentice sees the Doctor missing, having issues a last will and testament, a Time Lord confession, He is found by Clara, The Master and UNIT in medieval Britain undergoing[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who – The Magician's Apprentice (SPOILERS)
Why should this moment be any more final than the last one? Or Clara's? Note her finery for tea service continues, it won't be the only Mary Poppins moment we get this episode Also, I know a writer who said he could never write for Doctor Who because he would see the Doctor's companions as[...]
When Harry Met Clara
The British papers have been full of what they hope is a blossoming romance, that between Prince Harry and Jenna Coleman, best known for playing Clara on Doctor Who. Well, as we know from last year, she does like a solider And she got propositioned by royalty in Nightmare In Silver as well. Sorry, sorry, I'm mixing[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Last Christmas
Oh What A Tease And with that everyone watching realised that Clara would no longer be a part of Doctor Who He took thirty-odd years to return, and one final scene with Danny Pink was a way of putting a cap on it But then, again, to pull the rug from under our feet one last[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Death In Heaven
And now he has his answer, he is an idiot. Of course if everything Clara said was a true about the Doctor as everything else, "My children and grandchildren are missing, I assume dead." Also, the Doctor has a doctorate from Glasgow University? So does Steven Moffat… 6. He Made A Good Cyber Man It's not the Doctor who[...]
Death In Heaven – Official BBC Trailer
It will be interesting to see if some of the strange behavior we've seen from both the Doctor and Clara this season will pay off in the finale Seems like a lot to do in one episode though. [youtube][/youtube] The BBC has released the trailer for the season finale of Doctor Who – Death in Heaven[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Listen
It was even the first thing seen by Journey Blue in Into The Dalek. Is this Capaldi and/or the writers subtly indicating how much more sensible and back-to-basics this Doctor is, by having him reduce the functionality of the console to a single mechanism rather than have him dash about twiddling switches and typing into keypads?[...]
Twelve Thoughts About Doctor Who: Deep Breath
The three detectives, Vastra, Jenny and Drax reunited with Clara The Clockwork robots from The Girl In The Fireplace, in a new era, we are meant to know and be unnerved that the Doctor never quite gets it But there's more The mention of people being kept alive in a larder "cheaper than freezing us" reminds[...]