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GDC: Paperboy Will Be the Next Classic Games Postmortem Title

Announced on the official GDC blog, this year's edition of Classic Games Postmortem will include a segment on Paperboy.The Paperboy postmortem will be hosted by John Salwitz, a veteran creator who's worked on everything from Rampart to Medal of Honor Salwitz was one of the co-creators of the coin-operated classic Paperboy, and will walk the GDC audience through the design and[...]

Bard's Tale

The GDC Has Announced The Bard's Tale for the Next Classic Games Postmortem

[caption id="attachment_755494" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit// inXile Entertainment[/caption]The Game Developers Conference, or GDC if you will, have announced the next game in their Classic Games Postmortem series This year they're going with the hilarious and groundbreaking The Bard's Tale and The Bard's Tale II hosted by co-creator Dr Michael Cranford And since The Bard's Tale IV is deep in[...]