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Clockwork Aquario Will Release On PC & Xbox This Summer
ININ Games revealed today that they will officially bring Clockwork Aquario over to both PC and Xbox consoles later this Summer After bring brought back from extinction and produced into a modernized format, the game was released for the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 last month (along with a physical release for both consoles with[...]
Clockwork Aquario Is Getting Released Three Decades Later
Back in November, we revealed that Strictly Limited Games was planning to release Clockwork Aquario, and now we have an idea of when According to the latest teaser trailer, which you can check out below, the game will be coming out sometime in Q2 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and PS4, with more platforms to[...]
Strictly Limited Games Holds Special Triple Pre-Order
The company will be listing special editions for Clockwork Aquario, Last Labyrinth, and Gryphon Knight Epic: Definitive Edition starting tomorrow, November 29th We have the details for all three below as these are some of the best the company has to offer for super fans who want more out of their games. Credit: Strictly Limited Games Clockwork[...]
Auto Draft
A small piece of gaming history has been found and restored as ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games are resurrecting Clockwork Aquario The announcement came from both companies and SEGA, who were able to locate the game after it was lost for 27 years The game was originally created back in 1992 by Westone, and[...]