New 'Coco' Trailer Gives Us A Better Idea Of The Film's Plot

We have a new trailer for the upcoming Pixar movie Coco, and it just looks fantastic It's a longer trailer, over two minutes, and it also gives us a good idea of what the plot is going to be We also get an idea of what the stakes are going to be concerning Miguel and[...]

A New Poster For Pixar's Coco And A New Trailer Coming Tomorrow

There is a lot about Coco that looks amazing including the visuals We know enough about this movie to capture our attention, not to mention it's Pixar and they tend to hit way more than they miss, and now we're getting another trailer tomorrow This poster features the bulk the undead characters and the designs[...]

Lukes Landspeeder Ryers Vehicle Hot List

Hot List For 2017 At Toys R Us Includes Very Little Geeky Things

Oh well, let's take a look.Coco Interactive Guitar from MattelThis one is no surprise, it is the main plot device in a Pixar film, so there is no reason not to expect this one to be tough to get. Coco, the new animated film from Disney/Pixar, is a celebration of a lifetime, where the discovery of a[...]

For National Dog Day Pixar Gave A Xolo A Tour Of The Studio

In Pixar's new animated movie coming out later this year Coco our lead Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez has a dog named Dante Dante is a Xoloitzcuintli or a Mexican Hairless Dog and Pixar brought one to the studio for National Dog Day. Xolo breed dates back to over 3500 years ago and were considered[...]


How Pixar's 'Coco' Drew Inspiration From 'Monsters, Inc.'

We have a new Pixar movie coming out this fall and its director, Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3), recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about visual inspiration for the Land of the Dead featured in Coco: “A lot of folk art and images that people are used to seeing associated with the celebration of Día de los Muertos are[...]

New Trailer And Poster For Pixar's 'Coco'

Entertainment Weekly unveailed that the upcoming Day of the Dead movie from Pixar Coco will have an all-Latino cast They left some new character details along with a new poster We also got a new trailer today as well It's Pixar so it's going to be good at the very least Their bad movies are[...]

Pixar Goes For The Feels With A Mother's Day Tribute To Moms Everywhere

The endcap is the character Miguel from Pixar's upcoming film Coco giving his grandmother a kiss.Coco is due out later in '17, and we'll probably get more about it once we've made it through the upcoming media blitz around Cars 3 The Coco synopsis reads as: Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel (voice[...]

Pixar's Coco Gets First Image And Plot Synopsis

That is pretty wild to consider, especially as animated Disney films and songs go hand in hand, but that form has just never snuck into the Pixar repertoire.That looks to be changing with Coco Over Christmas, the company shared its first image for the film with EW, as well as a little blurb for the[...]