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Funko Round Up Collage 893

Funko Round-Up: Dumbo, WWE, Betty Boop, KFC, and More!

Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition: Harry Potter Pop Pez, Dumbo, a new wave of WWE, Ad Icons KFC Colonel Sanders, Betty Boop gets more Pops, and Lion King plush! Let's take a look.A wave of Lion King plush will be in stores this spring Two versions of Simba, a hyena, Timon, and[...]

Worst Product Placement Ever: KFC's Colonel Sanders Joins 'WWE 2K18'

One of the strangest campaigns they've been doing lately is one with KFC, starting with Dolph Ziggler and The Miz doing a mix of live action and pre-taped segments featuring Ziggler as Colonel Sanders himself and Miz as a random chicken company mascot who fight it out, with The Colonel being the winner of course[...]

The Bizarre Case Of Colonel Sanders At San Diego Comic Con (VIDEO)

[youtube][/youtube]What was the Colonel Sanders unicorn statue at San Diego Comic Con about? Why does the comic book about his life see him shooting a man? What the hell are KFC playing at with Comic-Con Patrick Willems investigated for Bleeding Cool His answers may shock you[...]