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Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of May 2nd, 2018: We're Back, Baby
Apologies for the belated return and the lack of an entry last week, but Comic Book Wins and Losses is back! I'm still struggling to hold me to my own column schedule Anyway, let's get started! What books took off this past week? What crashed? Read below to find the answers! Action Comcs Special #1 cover[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series'
In doing so, hopefully I can keep the schedule of having these posts, the Comic Book Wins and Losses of each week, on Saturday and Comics for Your Pull Box consistently on Sunday Also, I'm still planning on doing a comparison of the original Watchmen and Doomsday Clock as I mentioned in my Doomdsay Clock #4 review[...]