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Nine Lives Lived In Full With Dave McKean At The British Library

This weekend, I went to the British Library in London to see Dave McKean sing and play the piano. To most he is an artist, whose work is often associated with the comics industry. His most prominent and widely seen pieces right now are the covers to Sandman Overture. Others will remember the graphic novel […]

The British Library Vs. The Sunday Times Over Comics

Today's Sunday Times has a review by Waldemar Januszczak of the Comics Unmasked: Art And Anarchy In The UK exhibition, currently on display at the British Library. And he's not happy. On Friday I went to a talk by the curators Paul Gravett and John Harris Dunning looking through the exhibition for the audience talking about their […]

Get Your Free Digital Version Of British Library's Comics Unmasked On iOS

We've talked a lot about the British Library exhibition Comics Unmasked: Art And Anarchy In The UK. But still possibly not enough. The exhibition included tablets featuring Sequential, an iOS app that acts as a graphic novel boutique, featuring the finest comic books in digital form. And they've also made available, for free, a guide […]

Gatecrashing The Comics Unmasked Party At The British Library Last Night

Last night I gatecrashed the British Library launch party for Comics Unmasked: Art And Anarchy In The UK. I didn't mean to, I'd been there in the morning for the press launch before having to dash out for a hospital appointment twenty minutes in. And I hadn't had time to pick up the Comics Unmasked […]