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Diane Nelson's #ComicWritersChallenge Gets a $20,000 Bid on Final Day
Diane Nelson, former president of DC Comics contributed a rather significant piece of comic book artwork from her office wall, to Gail Simone's #ComicWritersChallenge and yes it must have been quite the sacrifice But that's the idea, comic people sacrificing a piece of art that means a lot to them, to raise money for Black[...]
Greg Hildebrandt
The quality of the #ComicWritersChallenge Twitter Auctions has been stellar I've just packaged and sent off my donation, all the way to Illinois, but I am dwarfed by some of the new items being made available. The Hildebrandt Brothers are world-famous for creating the classic posters for the Star Wars films and the Hobbit books[...]
Ivan Reis, Rachel Cooke, Paul Smith Pieces in #ComicWritersChallenge
Bleeding Cool has run a number of pieces looking at #ComicWritersChallenge items being Twitter-auctioned to raise money for Black Lives Matter-related fundraisers The concept was for writers to give up comics artwork they had received as part of the career and was very meaningful to them Making a sacrifice for a cause Basically wave one,[...]