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Separated At Birth: Paramount's Monster Trucks And Greg Capullo's The Creech
The Creech is a comic book property first published in 1997 by superstar artist Greg Capullo about a monster created from hundreds of aborted fetuses (according to Wikipedia – the book's description on Amazon is dedicated mostly to explaining printing errors for the trade paperback, for some reason, and doesn't describe the story at all): . Creech[...]
LIVE! With Greg Capullo At Baltimore Comic Con On Spawn, Creech, Batman
Talking about the character Creech, he mentioned that he wants to come back to the character with Scott Snyder when they are done with Batman He's thinking of going back to issue 1 and drawing and rethinking the story, and producing "one big Creech book beginning to end" when Batman is finished There are 16[...]