Separated At Birth: Paramount's Monster Trucks And Greg Capullo's The Creech

The Creech is a comic book property first published in 1997 by superstar artist Greg Capullo about a monster created from hundreds of aborted fetuses (according to Wikipedia – the book's description on Amazon is dedicated mostly to explaining printing errors for the trade paperback, for some reason, and doesn't describe the story at all):



Creech is the CGI star of Paramount's Monster Trucks (in theaters now), a subterranean monster that somehow gets inside a pickup truck and… well, you get the concept pretty much from the title.

creech1 creech2

You might think, at first glance, that these two concepts share little other than using the name "Creech" – shortened from "creature," but Greg Capullo seems to think there's more to it. Retweeting a scathing hit piece on the film from Wired about the disaster Monster Trucks has been for Paramount, Capullo commented:

When a fan suggested it might be a coincidence, Capullo corrected them, pointing out that he'd actually pitched The Creech to them back in 2003:

Did Paramount really take Capullo's modern Frankenstein tale and turn it into an ill-advised box office flop that's already cost them a more than $100 million write-off?

Here in the column formerly known as Swipe File, where Bleeding Cool makes no legally actionable claims ourselves, we like to leave that question to our readers: is this a swipe, homage, or coincidence? Let us know in the poll below:


Separated at Birth: Greg Capullo's The Creech and Creech from Paramount's Monster Trucks

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