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Red Dwarf X To Air In The US "At Same Time" As In The UK

Danny John Jules, the show's cat, has received his copies:Thanks to Little Bleeder Tina who sent the Naylor tweet over in response to a forum post from earlier in the day. Dave have announced that they'll be screening Red Dwarf X from Thursday October 4th Until now, I had no idea when the American airdates[...]

Two New Images From The Next Series Of Red Dwarf, Direct From The Editing Chair

The next series of Red Dwarf is currently in post-production. How do we know this? Why, because the show's co-producer and composer have both been kind enough to share photographic evidence of the editing process on Twitter. First up, here's Howard Goodall working on the music for the series. As you can see, the image […]

First Official Shot From The New Series Of Red Dwarf

It's time for a promotional image from an upcoming film or TV show. Which is to say, it's time to watch some actors looking out of frame at something we can't see, acting like it's of the utmost importance. This being a Red Dwarf promotional, the way they're acting this is rather bold, to say […]

Red Dwarf Revival On-Set Images And Video

You may have been lucky and gotten your hands on tickets to a recording – if so, drop me a line – or you might be like the most of us, and out in the cold, left to wait almost a year from now until Red Dwarf returns to UK TV screens. Dave are producing […]