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SNL's Brexit Sketch Was Weirdest, Most Unexpected Thing They Ever Did
Hats off to the SNL writers for reminding everyone–and for some viewers telling them for the first time–that it was David Cameron who brought about the whole Brexit mess in the first place Kudos to the make-up department for giving him a prosthetic forehead so large it's two steps away from making him look like a Klingon. It's[...]
David Cameron Praises Star Wars, During Prime Minister's Question Time
Prime Minister David Cameron is currently engaged in Prime Minister's Question Time in the House Of Commons After batting away a question from Douglas Carswell MP who switched earlier this year from Cameron's Conservative Party to UKIP. After that, Oliver Downden MP asked Cameron, Oliver Downden:  The triumphant Star Wars saga began life at Elstree Studios in my[...]
David Cameron Makes Back To The Future Jibe In Prime Minister's Question Time
But in today's Prime Minster's Question Time, in the British House Of Commons, after getting a planted question from one of his backbench MPs, David Cameron took the opportunity to go topical. When asked, about Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader Of The Opposition's anti-nuclear stance being a threat to the country in the modern age, Cameron replied that[...]
Did Prez Predict #Piggate?
Prez, the sci-fi of a young accidental YouTube sensation elected President Of The United States through a series of flukes, and greedy machinations of the
Did Charlie Brooker Know? Or Did He Just Get Very Lucky?
It states that if the Princess is not to be killed, the Prime Minister, (based on current PM David Cameron) must have sex with a pig, transmitted live on television The characters go through tortuous attempts to avoid this eventuality, but in the end, the Prime Minister is forced by public pressure to undergo the act[...]
Marvel Would Like To Point Out That David Cameron Is Judge Dredd
From this week's Captain Britain And The Defenders, by 2000AD writer Al Ewing. Check out the second speech balloon from the oppressive governments herding the people into camps, in their 2000AD Mega City parody. And check out what Prime Minster of Great Britain David Cameron said three months ago. Hat tip to Imgur.   From this week's Captain Britain[...]