DC Versus

Beast Boy Vs Vixen in Latest DC Versus Videos

This may be one of the more interesting DC Versus as it pits two people with very similar yet very different powers Garfield "Gar" Logan is known as both Beast Boy and Changeling and have different creators credited for each name He first appeared in Doom Patrol #99 (1965) as Beast Boy by Arnold Drake[...]

Batgirl vs. Supergirl

Batgirl vs. Supergirl in the Latest DC Versus Video

The latest DC versus, though, asks the question: who would win between Batgirl and Supergirl?This seems like a less balanced fight to me The video pretty much features the same arguments that you hear on Batman vs Superman -- Batgirl is intelligent, well prepared, etc and Supergirl has the same weaknesses to kryptonite and magic[...]

Wonder Woman vs Aquaman

Wonder Woman vs. Aquaman in New DC Versus

Whenever DC Versus releases a new video, sometimes I stop and wonder why on Earth these two characters would be fighting in the first place Then I remember it's comics, and heroes fight each other all the time based on as little as a mild misunderstanding But with this particular pairing we got to see a[...]

Green Arrow

Batman Vs Green Arrow in the Latest DC Versus

For years people have been saying that Green Arrow is just a copy of Batman. And in a many ways, they're right. Green Arrow was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp in More Fun Comics #73 (1941) when DC was actively trying to follow up on the success of Superman and Batman a year […]

Enchantress vs. Zatanna

Enchantress vs. Zatanna in the Latest DC Versus

DC Comics has two very powerful female magic users, and they were created not that far apart. Zatanna, a member of the Justice League and maybe the more popular of the two, first appeared in Hawkman #4 in 1964 by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. Two years later, in the pages of Strange Adventure #187, […]

Darkseid vs doomsday

Darkseid vs Doomsday in Newest DC Versus

In what has been one of their most-requested versus matches, DC has now pitted two of their biggest hitters against one another. The Dreadlord of Apokolips himself, Darkseid, and the unstoppable killing machine Doomsday. It's a pretty interesting matchup in that the two are very different styles of fighters. Darkseid can get down and dirty […]

Shazam Flash

It's The Flash Against Shazam in the Latest DC Versus

I always like these DC Versus videos, and I'm glad they're back They make me think about how two characters would work against each other, and in a lot of cases, two characters I would never normally think would fight one another This week is no exception in that it pits the fastest man alive,[...]

Green Lantern

DC Versus Is A Battle Of Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan Vs John Stewart

Today's DC Versus brings up a very interesting match, pitting Green Lantern vs Green Lantern And being that there are so many freaking GLs, there's enough material to just focus on them for a couple years.This pairing sets Hal Jordan against John Stewart — arguably the greatest Green Lantern of all time (the one arguing[...]