D&D Presents

D&#038D Presents Full Details Revealed At PAX Unplugged

"D&D Presents" Full Details Revealed At PAX Unplugged

Today during the first day of PAX Unplugged, Wizards of the Coast revealed more details of their upcoming show D&D Presents First and foremost, the image you see below is the new logo for the show The show will focus on new content coming out from D&D and how to use it in your game,[...]

Dungeons &#038 Dragons Announces New Show D&#038D Presents

"Dungeons & Dragons" Announces New Show, "D&D Presents"

Yesterday evening, Dungeons & Dragons announced they would be launching a new livestream game on Twitch called D&D Presents The new show was announced on Twitter, letting folks know that D&D Senior Producer Chris Perkins would be returning to the DM chair The four individuals who will be taking up the player roles will be[...]